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There is a veritable jungle of companies that provide Wireless mesh networks. Adventicsys stands a head above all of them. With a presence in over 30 countries, it is a forerunner in the field of wireless technology.

AS-XM1000AS-XM1000 – 85.00€

Wireless Mesh Network is a device which connects different devices or computers to a wide network area. It helps in information sharing, file sharing, with connecting to people at high speeds with the least hassle. The network structure is formed with every device and network that exists in it.

MTM-CM5000-MSPMTM-CM5000-MSP – 77.00€

If you need to set up a network with minimal investment then the Wireless mesh Network is the most ideal option for you. It needs the least number of wires and it provides you with clear signal strength. Wireless mesh networks rely on dozens of wireless nodes. All these nodes literally form a mesh that is used in transferring information and data. It has proven to be the safest and the fastest way of interaction. The one outstanding factor about wireless mesh networks is that, unlike traditional networks, they are truly wireless.

The advantages of Wireless Mesh Networks

 MTM-CM3000-MSPMTM-CM3000-MSP – 71.00€

  • Firstly it helps in improving the apparent performance of applications that are used within an organization.
  • High speed data transfer at any time helps in increasing the bandwidth.
  • The internet can be used to connect these networks with the use of  wi-fi technology
  • In data transfer transactions, the system will automatically choose a path that has less traffic. This is due to the addition of an algorithm for automatic path selection
  • The wireless mesh network technology is available at an extremely affordable price
  • The servers and routers for transmission have an excellent bandwidth.
  • The standardised interface that wire mesh networks have, mean that they can be used in laptops across the globe with no negative impact on internet speed.
  • Fast  installation
  • They have an open spectrum
  • Very secure
  • They have self –healing and Self-organizing systems
  • You can check for internet traffic while sending out information or exchanging data due to the predictive wireless routing protocol that they are equipped with

Mesh routers promote internet traffic via gateways. Laptops and cell phones are the most common mesh clients. Dead zones and weak signals are now a thing of the past. Utilising the latest Wireless Mesh technology, makes you r journey through the internet domain a smoother one.

MTM-CM4000-MSPMTM-CM4000-MSP – 71.00€

Buy wireless mesh network products online at http://www.advanticsys.com/

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