Top 4 themed parties with Hollywood decorations

Enjoy the special effects with themed parties

Any occasion can be made effective and enjoyable if you put in some extra efforts to add a dash of theme to it. Hollywood party decorations come in handy for such special parties. If you are falling short of some wonderful ideas, below listed ones can really get you through it. A little bit of preparation and determination to make your party an entertaining event will be loved by one and all.

1. Get some ideas from the Arabian Nights

Angelina Jolie Poster

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The soothing music along with the sand and dessert surroundings and costumes that come right from that life style will take you all together into the mystical world of old charm. If you are planning to have a summer party in the evening, this would be one of the perfect themes for the party. You can decorate the room with plenty of beautiful drapes and elegant cushions to give the special effects. You can get all the things needed from any good Hollywood decorations store.

Tips! Light the aromatic candles and serve cocktails in those traditional glasses.

2. The cocktail party for sophistication

Jaws Poster

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For this you should take the inspiration from those James Bond movies. Everything from the décor to the music and candles should be stylish and sophisticated. Take care that even the waiters you hire should have the proper dress code and etiquettes. Cocktails of various kinds should be specially taken care of and the glasses that they are served also matter a lot.

3. The Western Country Party for a change

Blues Brothers Poster

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The main attraction of this kind of party is the cowboy hats and the costume. The snakeskin boots and the checked shirts will give you the feel and look of the country side.
Tips! Print the invitations as the Wanted Posters and you have already set the stage for the party!
Cool bear and lemonade should be served for the drinks and do not forget to keep the steak and hot dogs for snacks.

4. How about the Hawaiian Luau party!

Batmobile - Batman Begins

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Those skirts with all the colorful and beautiful flowers and grass will set the dancing floor on fire for sure. An outdoor pool party would be the most ideal location for this. Get the decorations done with some lovely shells and palm trees and sand. It goes without saying that the Hawaiian music will do all the rest. Your guests will relish the beer and the tropical drinks.
Your friends are all going to be full of praises for the innovative ideas you bring in to the floor.

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