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Telosb Mote is an open source domain that is made to enable state-of-the-art experimentation for the research community. It bundles all the fundamentals for lab examinations into a single domain including USB programming capability, which is an IEEE 802.15.4 radio with incorporated antenna, a low-power MCU with elaborated memory and an optional sensor suite. It offers lots of features such as ZigBee acquiescent RF transceiver, 250 kbps data rate, 2.4-2.4835 GHz, a worldwide companionable ISM band, incorporated onboard antenna, low current usage, microcontroller of 8 MHz TI MSP430 with 10 kb RAM, programming and information accumulation through USB, 1MB outside flash for information logging, optional sensor suite including incorporated temperature, light and humidity sensor, and runs TinyOS 1.1.10 or higher.

AS-XM1000AS-XM1000 – 85.00€

The TelosB domain was made and published to the research community. This domain delivers low power usage that allows for long battery life and fast wakeup from sleep rate. Even though there are many TelosB uncertified radio platform, it is completely compatible with the open source TinyOS distribution. This is powered by two AA batteries. If the platform is plugged into the USB port for programming or communication, power is given from the host computer. If the platform is always connected to the USB interface, no battery pack is required. The platform offers people with the potentiality to edge with extra devices. The 2 elaboration connectors and onboard jumpers can be set up to handle analog sensors, LCD displays and digital peripherals.


MTM-CM5000-SMA – 85.00€

TinyOS is a little, energy efficient, open source software OS designed and developed by manufacturers to support big scale, self-assembling sensor networks. The source code software development machineries are publicly available at many online sources. Telos is a super low-power wireless module for use in monitoring applications, sensor networks and rapid application prototyping. Telos influences industry standards like USB and IEEE 802.15.4 to exchange and use information in a seamless manner with other instruments. Through employing industry standards, incorporating humidity, light sensors and temperature, and giving stretchy interconnection with devices, Telos facilitates a broad array of mesh network apps.

MTM-CM3300-MSPMTM-CM3300-MSP – 95.00€

Telos Revision B is actually a drop-in-substitute for productive Revision A design. The B design contains elevated performance, expansion and functionality. Using TinoyOS’s superior support, the platform influences open source software movement and rising wireless protocols. TeloS is a division of a bundle of modules that feature on-board sensors to elevate robustness at the same time decreases package size and cost. Key features of this platform includes interoperability with other IEEE 802.15.4 instruments, 250 kbps 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 Chipcon wireless transceiver, incorporated onboard antenna with 125m range outdoors or 50m range indoors, incorporated DAC, ADC, DMA controller and supply voltage supervisor.


MTS-EM1000 – 53.00€

Incorporated temperature, humidity and light sensors, 8MHz Texas instruments MSP430 microcontroller, fast wakeup from sleep, superior low current usage, data collection and programming through USB, hardware link-layer authentication and encryption, mesh networking and communication execution and 16-pin elaboration support and optional SMA antenna connector are the most advanced features of this platform. So, make use of Telosb Mote to enjoy the benefits.

MTS-SE1000MTS-SE1000 – 79.00€

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