Portable Turbidity Meter To Measure The Clarity Or Haziness Of The Solution

he characteristics or property of the liquid which relates to the clarity is called Turbidity. The device used to measure the clarity of the liquid to be measured is called the Turbidity meter. Portable Turbidity Meter is used to measure the turbidity of the liquid like drinking water, waste water, and petro chemical liquids. Portable Turbidity Meter is used in laboratories and also in field studies. Portable Turbidity Meter and Bentonite Monitoring

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Turbidity refers to the loss of transparency in the liquid due to the deposit of suspended or non dissolved particles. Lake is one of the natural examples of turbidity. There are various technique used to measure the turbidity example “Secchi disk” which is still used to measure the turbidity in lakes and river water. Haze Meter for Beer Quality Analysis ISO Standards

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Portable Turbidity Meter is used as one of the important quality monitoring device. This device passes light through the sample of the liquid and the amount of light scattered and absorbed due to the presence of insoluble particles is recorded. Turbidity is determined by the measure of light passing through the sample solution. This device used to measure turbidity by the light measurement is also called as nephelometers. Complete Tool for Water Analysis Turbidity

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Some devices use Infrared light and white lights. The white light has high sensitivity to small particles in the liquid whereas infrared light has low sensitivity. These devices could show deviations in the measurements due to floating and moving particles. In order to get the accurate measurement it is advisable to measure the turbidity as soon as the sample is taken for testing when it prolongs the insoluble particles would deposit, constant temperature of the lamp should be maintained, standards of the position should be marked and no condensation of the samples should be done. Turbidity and Free/Total Cl2 Portable Meter with CAL CHECK™ and Fast Tracker™

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Turbidity measurement is very important in these days as we are living in a polluted environment. More turbidity in drinking water would lead to gastrointestinal diseases, other major disease to living organisms. High turbidity would affect the life of organisms under water as the amount of light reaching the depth is reduced which affect the growth of aquatic plants consequently affect the species dependent on this.

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The turbidity values for various liquids are specified in the manual provided along with the device. Based on the experiments and also the sample to measure the turbidity the type of the device would vary. Various portable turbidity meter software is available in market which is easy to install in the computer to the measure of the device more promptly.

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