Lifesize Cardboard Cutouts – Give Life to Your Fantasy

Throwing a birthday bash is the great way to celebrate the day of completing another year of age of your life. However, arranging a party together takes effort, imagination and a bit of flair. The thing that makes the chore of arranging such an occasion so challenging is matching your planning to the likes of many diverse people. You need to search for general elements every people will like and simultaneously avoid making the social sin of duplicating what someone else did. If you want to make your own unique mark in the event then place life size cardboard cutouts around the venue.

Scarlett O'Hara, Vivien Leigh Standup # 650Scarlett O’Hara, Vivien Leigh Standup # 650 – $32.99

You should also try getting cutouts of famous characters such as Edward Cullen, Marilyn Monroe, Justin Biber, Quileute werewolves etc. You can even get themed decorations for your celebration at online and offline shops and stores. One interesting thing to do is try to blend store decorations with your own party creations. Though this may seem expensive or involve a lot of work, it is easier than you think. Hollywood centerpieces are one of the favorite fan made decorations. Such props take the motifs of various movie posters and combined them.

Hopalong Cassidy Standup *256Hopalong Cassidy Standup *256 – $34.99

A good idea is to visit your favorite online shop or nearest local discount store and get cheap decorations that reminds you of Hollywood, and combine them to make new interesting ones. Find great ideas and common sense ways to make them in real. There are many online shops offering you what you are looking for party decorations. Put up lifesize cardboard cutouts of your favorite characters around your celebration not only to showcase your admiration but also to give life to your fantasy.

Justin Bieber lifesize cutout*1016Justin Bieber lifesize cutout*1016 – $32.99

Cutouts are the perfect party decorations to start with. These party supplies will immediately remind your guests about the golden days of Hollywood. Cutouts of characters are the good start for any kind of party celebration. This is a great idea as these props can become great decorations for taking photos. These props can be tied to any party theme and decorations in a way that suits the theme of the party as well as the party location. While decorating a venue you need to decide on certain things like color scheme, patter of supplies, etc. These are the main factors you need to take care of while tying all the decoration together to create unique party celebration.

Marilyn Monroe, 'Black Swimsuit' Cutout #361Marilyn Monroe, ‘Black Swimsuit’ Cutout #361 – $32.99

You have to keep the type of season while decorating the décor. For example, using dark colors during summer season can be a challenge as it will look out of place. White and red will suit more with this season and include flowers and lights that can bright up things and make the party look season-appropriate. You can go for bright and dark colors if you organize the party during winter or fall season. A good decoration idea is to use Hollywood merchandise. Put up movie posters and individual posters of your favorite characters in the party venue to get a fantastic look to the celebration.

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Elena Cutout #560 - Brown DressCatherine Zeta-Jones as Elena Cutout #560 – Brown Dress – $32.99

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