Know The Details Regarding the cost of Filing a Patent In India

In the 21st century we see a spurt in the kind of technology and innovations that has tremendously benefitted the traditional process and provide value for money. We also see a rise in no. of articles being patented to safeguard the interest of the inventor. The process for filing a patent in India can prove to be a herculean task for a layman who lacks complete knowledge of the system.

Patent Search and Patent Analysis

What is patentable?

This is the primary knowledge that a person should have before filing for patent. There are certain process and products that cannot be patented (like some medical or surgical process, agriculture practice etc), a list of which can be obtained from the government website. Once you are certain that your invention does not fall under any of the restricted category, you can move ahead to the next step of patent search.

Patent search and electronic filing:

Patent search is a very extensive and tedious process which can be handled by a team of experts only. Electronic filing is done nowadays and is an advantage to all those of you who are thinking of filing a patent application in India. You can get the stepwise details of how to do the electronic filing in India from the official website of the government.

The cost involved in filing a patent:

The Indian Patent Office charges approximately 1000 INR for the application of grant of patent (which is mandatory) the charges for request for examination of patent application is around 2500 INR. These charges are for the “Natural Person” category while the other category person has to pay four times the above charges. These are the minimum charges while at each step of the process there would be additional charges which are optional but important.

Patent filing and prosecution

So before you think of filing a patent in India, gets your facts right regarding the process and the cost involved in it.

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