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Sharepoint is a web based collaborative application developed by Microsoft in 2001 as a content management system to create and manage information and documents which helps in the efficient working and decision making of the organization. Sharepoint Consulting refers to the process of installation, configuration, customization and deployment of Microsoft Sharepoint in organizations by different companies who specialize in Sharepoint Consulting. Presently Sharepoint Consulting is one of the hottest trends in business processes and collaborations where a large number of people are required to work on a particular process simultaneously.

Why need Consulting

One of the most important activities during consulting is to educate the end users about the core benefits of the software. They need to understand the reasons why they need it and how it can improve their organization and hence their business. One of the key concepts of Sharepoint is Sites. With sites, the user can arrange information in a logical structure which contains all the content. Next in line comes the List, which is the main repository of data in Sharepoint. They can be lists of documents, staff or any other data which users can manage and collaborate upon.

Sharepoint is such a power solution that takes the business to net level of efficiency. Since it is a product from the house of Microsoft, it can be easily integrated with other tools and solutions of Microsoft. You can easily update, edit and upgrade your contents with the sharepoint. This software brings all the business applications to a single platform to assure smooth run and administration of business. Good knowledge about sharepoint helps you to make maximum benefits out of the software. Microsoft sharepoint consulting provides you with complete information about the solution plus perfect installation, installation and customization of the software.

Stages in Consulting

The first stage in consulting is the Deployment Planning. It defines the requirements for the business in terms of creation and management of sites, access privileges, server administration and directory structures. The next stage is the Installation and Configuration of Microsoft SharePoint. After installation, the software is customized according to the specific needs of the business. Generally Microsoft .NET is used to enhance the Sharepoint. Training is also provided by the consultants on the architecture, functionality, customization and search configuration. Finally there is Integration which includes all sorts of integrations with portals, sites, security management and enhancing data use and availability.

Efficient Consultants

One of the leaders in consulting is Binary Republik which is based in US, UK and India as an offshore development center. They specialize in using Microsoft SharePoint for implementing Enterprise Content Management Solutions. They provide a host of services related to Sharepoint which include System Integration, Custom Webpart Development, Business Intelligence, SharePoint branding, Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Automation, etc. to name a few. They enable users to collaborate on documentation sharing, content sharing and business. Among their achievements include implementing Sharepoint across business, providing custom built solutions, developing portals and seamless migration of old systems to new installed Sharepoint.

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