Celebrity Cutouts to Add a Sense of Beauty to Magic Party Themes

People of all age groups will love to attend a part revolve around a magic theme and fenced with celebrity cutouts. However, the entire party event should follow the theme in the party props, favors and invitations. Begin with the magic themed invitations to establish the mood of the celebration. You can include a little magic trick in the invitation. Send forth top hats as party favors to the invitees when they arrive to wear in the party. Try out colored paper products to save a good deal of money. However, try to center on magic party supplies while buying centerpieces and decorations.

First Lady Michelle Obama *973First Lady Michelle Obama *973 – $32.99

Some of the major ideas for a magic theme party include the following;

Artistic magic party props. You can try your creativity in the dining décor. Try serving magic potion during next party by supplying fruit punch ice cubes or frozen juice to clear lemon-lime soda. Melting ice cubes will bring magical colors and flavors and will delight your guests.Put different colored ice cubes on juices to add fun and variety to dining. Also try out pop rocks to the drinks to make them crackles and pop to life.

Felicity Shagwell Cutout

Felicity Shagwell Cutout – $29.99

Try out popular mixed drinks like black magic vodka for adults. Beer and soda are the best choices for a magic themed party. Employ a magic wand to mix the drinks. Use creative, magic gift ideas for the party. Make use of magic sets and tricks which are perfectly appropriate for such theme party ideas.

Marilyn Monroe, Net Stockings cutout *314Marilyn Monroe, Net Stockings cutout *314 -$32.99

Top hats, white gloves and magic wands could also be used for magic theme parties. A customized deck of cards find to be a great gift, with an inscription like ‘The Amazing Drake’ on each card. These kinds of gifts can be found in novelty and magic shops, as well as internet focused stores. DVDs and Books that demonstrate magic tricks will also be a nice gift for any aspirant magician. You may find movies, books, documentaries, etc on famous magicians around the history like Harry Houdini. Guests would also appraise a remarkable magician’s top hat, and the iconic black magician’s mantle. If party hosts are easy to reach a textile machine, then making and customizing the mantle yourself will add more memories to the gift.

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Elena - Dancing Cutout *562Catherine Zeta-Jones as Elena – Dancing Cutout *562 – $32.99

You can conclude the event with the theme giving out magic party favors. It can be customized with the party goers’ names or with the date of the celebration. Small stuffed bunnies are cuddly and cute for the little ones. Decks of cards that are customized would be perfect for both teenagers and adults. Apart from these, celebrity cut outs has prime role in party decoration that has magic theme. Plenty of cutouts are available in the market to choose from. These supplies and props add a sense of beauty to the entire décor. Online is the best place to go for and buy best quality, attention getting celebrity cutouts.

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