June, 2012

Co2 Analyzer – Help you Scrutinize the Concentration of the Carbon Dioxide!

The concentration level of the carbon dioxide can be measured by using several devices and if you want to get the accurate result, obviously, you have to use the Co2 Analyzer. This is the only device, which will give complete accuracy and there will not any compromise in the precision. Usually the Co2 Analyzer will [...]

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Telosb sensors, Tmote sky, Telosb In Various Security Sensor Systems

We are living in an environment where we can control the operation of any devices or machineries or appliances from another place. The operation of the machines is intimated and updates regarding the malfunction are brought to the notice immediately by the use of sensors placed in various places in commercial building or houses. One [...]

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Micropipettes For More Accurate and Small Volumes of Solutions

Micropipette is one of the type pipet used in the laboratories. They are used to dispense micro meter volumes of solutions for experiments. Usually 1µl to 1000µl are dispensed using the micropipettes. There are experiments which are need of very small volume of solutions where we use these micropipettes. Accumax Jr. Pipette TO dispense greater [...]

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A Key to Patent Filing in India

If you have an innovative idea/product/process that can be boon to mankind get it patented. Patent filing in India is a long and cumbersome process as in other parts of the world. But unlike the United States where they adopt the “first to invent” concept, in India we have “first to file” patent protection system. [...]

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Achievement statuette Decorations For Venue Embellishment

Are you going to throw a party celebration? Looking ways to make it really marvelous and extraordinary in all senses? Then try out Achievement theme party decorations! As the name indicates, this theme party celebration includes Achievement statuette and Achievement trophy props to embellish the venue in a striking manner. A new and refreshed look [...]

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